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At Home

For many people, a visit to an optician can be a stressful and a difficult experience. At Eyecare at Home, our aim is to create an easy, dignified alternative designed specially for people who are housebound or unable to attend their regular optician unaided. People in these positions are entitled to a FREE domiciliary visit from one of our Eyecare at Home optometrists who provide a full on-site testing and dispensing service as well as a 7-day promise to have new spectacles made and fitted.

Nursing and Residential Care Homes

Eyecare at Home understand that over the years, the needs of a patient can change drastically and that the service required by those in nursing and residential care is different from a private patient. However, we believe that while these patients may require an alternative testing method, this should not affect the level of care, attention-to-detail or efficiency of service which they receive.

Our dedicated team of staff are skilled in working with those living with illness and dementia, or who may require special care. In these instances, a free NHS eye examination can be arranged using a special eye testing chart, which incorporates pictures rather than letters - making the vision tests easier for the patient. If the patient has communication difficulties, our team are trained to use state-of-the-art electronic equipment and alternative techniques to establish their accurate prescription.

We pride ourselves on offering a tailor-made service to suit each individual - one that can ensure patient satisfaction and comfort without comprising the efficiency of their care home.

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